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Join Us in Celebrating #ChildrensHospitalsWeek

During this difficult time of Coronavirus, business closings and social distancing, there is one place that stays open 24 hours a day to help all children overcome every injury and illness imaginable, regardless of their ability to pay–Cohen Children’s Medical Center. Our heroes still come to work to give the best care to our children. They are on the front lines of curing disease and injuries through research, education and life-saving medical treatment that keep more than 450,000 children healthy. Government and insurance programs don’t begin to cover these costs; that’s why donations are vital to the children’s hospital. To celebrate the amazing things being done at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, we’re inviting you to join us April 6-12 in celebrating #ChildrensHospitalsWeek. #ChildrensHospitalsWeek is all about bringing awareness that Cohen Children’s and other children’s hospitals are nonprofits and need the funds to care for our little ones.

Here are a couple of ways you can get involved to help support #ChildrensHospitalsWeek:

  1. Wear a Bandage. Show your support for Cohen Children’s Medical Center by wearing a bandage of your choice and sharing a child’s story by taking a photo or a video, and sharing it with the #ChildrensHospitalsWeek hashtag.


  1. Share the below suggested social media copy on your channels.

Facebook: I’m celebrating @Cohen_Children’s and  #ChildrensHospitalsWeek April 6-12 by wearing this bandage! Children’s hospitals heal our communities. #HeroesNeverClose #regardlessofpay #nonprofit. To learn more about how you can help at

Twitter/Instagram: I’m celebrating @Cohen_Children’s and  #ChildrensHospitalsWeek April 6-12! Children’s hospitals heal our communities. #HeroesNeverClose #regardlessofpay #nonprofit. Learn how you can help at

Have ideas on how to celebrate #ChildrensHospitalsWeek or have a story or experience of your own that you’d like to share? Post it in the comments!