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Miracle Kid Teddy is the Star of Wonderama This Week

Some might consider Teddy an old soul. He’s certainly experienced a lot in his young life, having already endured 30 surgeries since birth. When a nurse told Teddy he was “like an old man in a little boy’s body,” Teddy retorted, “I know! I even have back hair!” Full of life experience, Teddy’s appreciation for each day is unmatched by most kids his age.

This week, Teddy is the star of Wonderama:

He’s talking about his illness, hydrocephalus, which is a build-up of fluid in the brain. This rare disorder that plagues Teddy results in problems with short-term memory, physical deficits and other neurological conditions. While his prognosis is uncertain, he remains optimistic and appreciative of the care he receives.

Like the plush toy with whom he shares a name, Teddy wants to help other children. He believes having hydrocephalus is life’s way of allowing him to do so. It’s a burden few could “bear,” but Teddy takes it in stride, smiling his way through the ups and downs of his treatment.

How donations to Cohen Children’s Medical Center helped Teddy:

Due to the uncommonness of Teddy’s disorder, research funded in part by CMN Hospitals donations heavily impacted medical professionals’ ability to care for him. Financial support also goes to the child life program that helps Teddy cope with his condition.

Find out when his episode of Wonderama airs here.